Addi Express King Size Knitting Machine


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The set includes: Machine with 46 needles, 5 replacement needles, 4 base feet, 2 screw-in clamp hooks for table mounting, mechanical row counter, large eye needle to assist with casting off, stopper for reducing the number of needles in action.
With the larger diameter you can knit on 46 sets for even more individual knitting with just a few turns of the handle. Like the Addi-Express the Kingsize fixes to the table so that it won’t slip away.
The yarn ( almost all sizes and kinds may be used) can be easily inserted into the centre of the ring – and off you go! Knit flat or circular pieces and vary the width by using the stopper.

More possibilities, larger items and even more fun knitting.

Circular knitted items diameter approx. 35cm
Plain knitted items approx. 45cm wide.


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