Stylecraft Special Double Knitting DK 100 gram ball


Stylecraft special dk

Apple 1852Apple 1852Apple 1852Apricot 1026Apricot 1026Apricot 1026Aster 1003Aster 1003Aster 1003Black 1002Black 1002Black 1002Bluebell 1082Bluebell 1082Bluebell 1082Bottle 1009Bottle 1009Bottle 1009Burgundy 1035Burgundy 1035Burgundy 1035Cloud Blue 1019Cloud Blue 1019Cloud Blue 1019Copper 1029Copper 1029Copper 1029Cream 1005Cream 1005Cream 1005Dark Brown 1004Dark Brown 1004Dark Brown 1004Grape 1067Grape 1067Grape 1067Graphite 1063Graphite 1063Graphite 1063Grey 1099Grey 1099Grey 1099Khaki 1027Khaki 10271027Lemon 1020Lemon 10201020Magenta 1084Magenta 1084Magenta 1084Matador 1010Matador 10101010Meadow 1065Meadow 10651065 Midnight 1011Midnight 10111011Mocha 1064Mocha 1064Mocha 1064Pale Rose 1080Pale Rose 1080Pale Rose 1080Plum 1061Plum 10611061Pomegranate 1083Pomegranate 1083Pomegranate 1083Raspberry 1023Raspberry 10231023Saffron 1081Saffron 1081Saffron 1081Sherbet 1034Sherbet 10341034Spring Green 1316Spring Green 13161316Sunshine 1114Sunshine 1114Sunshine 1114Teal 1062Teal 1062Teal 1062Turquoise 1068Turquoise 1068Turquoise 1068Walnut 1054Walnut 10541054White 1001White 10011001
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Special DK is a market leading 100% premium acrylic double knit yarn. It has exceptional quality, consistency and softness. Available in a fantastic range of colours it is popular with knitters and crotchetiers alike. Because of its feel and wide shade range this yarn is especially popular for blankets and throws.

Special DK will knit or crochet to most double-knit patterns and Stylecraft have produced a range of patterns especially for it.

High twist makes it very good for beginners.

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Weight .100 kg
Stylecraft Special DK

Apple 1852, Apricot 1026, Aster 1003, Black 1002, Bluebell 1082, Bottle 1009, Burgundy 1035, Cloud Blue 1019, Copper 1029, Cream 1005, Dark Brown 1004, Grape 1067, Graphite 1063, Grey 1099, Khaki 1027, Lemon 1020, Magenta 1084, Matador 1010, Meadow 1065, Midnight 1011, Mocha 1064, Pale Rose 1080, Plum 1061, Pomegranate 1083, Raspberry 1023, Saffron 1081, Sherbet 1034, Spring Green 1316, Sunshine 1114, Teal 1062, Turquoise 1068, Walnut 1054, White 1001


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