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#Ta Da – Finishing UFO’s

My first blanket and by far largest crochet project to date!

6 balls of Stylecraft special DK yarn, i used only a size 3.5 hook, so probably made them smaller and tighter than the tutorial. Lots of leftovers.

Loved making the hexagons, they only take 10-15 minutes each, easy to pick up and down. Loved doing the borders, very peaceful.

If it hadnt been for lockdown it would have been another 12 months to finish as I chose to sew it together, this was not fun, however I did eventually find a rhythm and persevered.

Perfect colours for my wee sitting room.

If youd like a tutorial let me know. Great project as you can use up scraps as they only take 3 grams per hexegon ( weigh your own to check) and could turn into quite a creation. Mines is 168 hexagons 504 grams plus the borders.